29th EBS Symposium

19th – 21st September 2018

29th EBS Symposium

The EBS Symposium is one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious student-run business conferences. With a history spanning 28 years, the EBS Symposium offers speeches, workshops, a recruiting and an innovation fair as well as a legendary after-show party. This three-day event gathers about 1000 participants from the best universities and companies in Europe, addressing topics relevant to business and politics.

The EBS Symposium is an economic congress organized solely by students of the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht and it is one of the biggest collegiate events in Germany with 1000+ participants each year. During the Symposium various events take place on the campus. Besides topical speeches of renowned people, the participants also have the opportunity to visit the Recruiting Fair in order to get in contact with companies. During the panel discussions they can discuss with several high-ranking personalities from the worlds of business, society and politics and on the Innovations Fair they are introduced to new, creative products by up-and-coming, innovative companies.

A great number of speakers is invited to join this event and contribute to the current topic through presentations or key-note speeches. During the presentations, the participants of the congress have the opportunity of asking questions directly to the speakers. Besides the presentations, also several panel discussions take place during the event. For the first time, in 2010, a student panel was organized in which three selected students could discuss current economic problems together with business representatives. Furthermore, each year the Symposium also hosts an additional Recruiting Fair on the campus, where the supporting partner companies are given the opportunity to present themselves. Besides, an Innovation Fair is also organized each year, where the participants of the EBS Symposium can marvel at innovative works and ideas or even try them out and enter into dialogue with the presenting company. The fair offers companies not only the exposition of their products but they also have the opportunity to conduct market research and find common grounds with other exhibitors. The spectrum ranges from companies in the automotive industry to manufacturers of TVs. In 2011, the congress was framed by the integration of the partner countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark). Several Scandinavian speakers were invited on campus, e.g. the Danish ambassador to Germany, and the countries were also included content-wise in presentations and discussions.